Human Reset

Training gear – for your mind.

Our clicking reset button helps you to
improve habits of self-awareness, focus and mindfulness. For improved presence,
performance and well being.

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Shift your mindset.

Reset your mind.

How to use the Human Reset Button ™

Step 1: Stop

Cue yourself to make the shift when you become aware of negative self-talk.

Step 2: Click

Reframe the thought to a positive and helpful version.

Step 3: Reset

Notice the change in mood and outlook. Repeating this process builds a resilient mindset. Every click is a chance to start again.

“The Human Reset Button seems like a creative, engaging, and practical tool for wearers to cue themselves to let go and be more present focused during performances and daily life.”

– Keith Kaufman Ph.D., Sports Psychologist, author of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement.

Every click is a chance to start again.