We’re always starting over. Each moment of our lives is new. And each moment that passes is over. Everything is temporary. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a CEO, a parent, a student or a friend, your happiness and success in life depends largely on how well you learn to start over, to begin again in each new moment. That’s what humanreset is all about. This blog shares our collective stories and insight about how to do this. For a life more fully lived. 

Peter Bidstrup

Hi, my name is Peter Bidstrup. I’m a coach, a teacher, a friend, and a dad. I created humanreset at a time when I was trying to find my way out of the aftermath of losing my wife to cancer in 2014. My lifelong interest in self-improvement, athletics, coaching and philosophy converged with the creation of humanreset. If I can do this, so can you. 

The Bracelet

The Human Reset bracelet ™ is a tool to help you to learn to start over. It acts as a cue to remind you that you can reset, and also has a clicking reset button, to help you actualize the concept. And when someone asks you about it, you can then help them learn to reset! 

train your mind to see the good in everything

from the blog

Hard Things
Consistently doing hard things builds your power to move past the inner voice of doubt.
On Self-Awareness
"I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion" – Tennis Hall of Famer and social activist Billie Jean King
The “Human Reset reset”
News from Human Reset
Remain calm
Playing sports offers a clear reminder that change is happening constantly. Every play, every possession – every moment really – in a game asks a player to respond amidst the …

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