Human Reset

Our Story

The first time I thought about the Human Reset Button™ was April of 2015. I’m a long-time lacrosse coach, and during that season, a young player seemed anxious about stepping into a key role on an experienced team of ours. He was easily rattled by setbacks and mistakes, but had enormous potential. We needed him at his best. I needed to help him.

I could relate to being rattled, because I was in my own “reset” experience, adjusting to life without my wife, who had passed away from cancer about a year earlier.

One day, before a game, it occurred to me that our player needed to learn to “reset,” so he could move quickly past setbacks, focus, and play. So, before the game I drew a red dot on his wrist, told him that was his reset button and to push it whenever he needed to – after he made a mistake, or found himself feeling anxious.

It worked! From then on, I drew a reset button on his wrist before every game.

After a while other players wanted one. I was getting better too. We won a league title and my young player played great in the championship game.

Reflecting on that experience, I wrote a blog post later, called “renewal and the human reset button.” It was so well received that I was inspired to actually create a Human Reset Button for everyone - not just athletes.

I have experienced the power of learning to think better and more positively -- it helps me every single day. It is why I worked to create this product. I hope it helps you on your journey, because sometimes, all we really need is the power to reset!

- Pete Bidstrup

*We donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations and programs focusing on mindfulness and mental health in schools and colleges.

"We need to learn to create mental peace.
We need to learn to reset."

I need a Human Reset