Human Reset

How It Works

About the Human Reset ™

The Human Reset Button ™ is a tool to improve mental habits. It is most effective when used in conjunction with a mindfulness training program.

The HRB works as a “cue” to help you to recognize your thinking patterns, return to present, and focus. So often we become lost in thought, as our restless mind takes us out of the present moment. When this happens, we become distracted and stressed. 

And while often we are thinking positively and productively, sometimes we aren’t. And when our mind isn’t actively engaged in an activity, when we aren’t in “the zone,” we become prone to negative thoughts, or what some call negative “self talk.” This cripples performance.

A key part of mindfulness is simply becoming aware of your thoughts - and that you are "lost in thought." That recognition that one is lost in thought is a primary step to disassociating with them. 

Seeing the bracelet on your wrist is a cue to realize that you may be lost in thought.

Unfortunately, many people never acquire the skill to become aware of their thinking. Great athletes have long recognized the importance of this concept and create rituals to “reset.” Think of a basketball player about to shoot a free throw with the game on the line. Usually we see a ritual - perhaps a couple dribbles, then a pause and deep breath, then the shot. This is a great example of a reset.

We don’t usually have something like taking a free throw to force us to stop and pause during the flow of a game or our lives. So we need to train ourselves to recognize when the anxiety or tension comes, then to try to release it by coming back to present. This is when we click the reset button.

Becoming more aware of thoughts and more present doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice - “reps” - just like getting good at free throws.

Being lost in thought won't disappear altogether - that’s not human nature. It is reasonable to assume though (and it’s important to be confident here) that with effort and practice, one can make gains. This has implications for improved happiness, performance and overall well-being.

A key to using the human reset bracelet is understanding the processes at work - what we refer to as: Stop, Click, Reset.

1: Stop

Stop. Click. Reset

2: Click

3: Reset

Individuals and teams can use the bracelet in several ways.

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