Human Reset

Your Human Reset Stories

Have a good reset story? We want to hear from you!

"Coach’s technique helped me then, and continues to help me now, 3 years later. As a college student-athlete, I find it helps me as much off the field, as on it."
– Will

"I love feeling the click. It helps me take action to make a simple change of mindset."
– Liz

"Just knowing I’m wearing it is a good reminder of the fact that I CAN let go because sometimes in tough spots you don't always think to let go and that's why I like having the constant reminder."
– John

"The button acted as a physical way to relieve the stress whereas sometimes it's hard to let things go just in your head. Right after, I felt calmed and after a few deep breaths I essentially forgot all about the first half."
– Cam

"I was a little frustrated with the way I was playing. I clicked the reset button, relaxed, and started scoring and playing confidently."
– Bo

"I lent it to a friend of mine and she won’t give it back!"
– Susan

"I used it to reset a friendship!"
– Margaret

"I was getting easily frustrated. Clicking the reset button helped me stop and breathe. It works!"
– Mike

"On a long sales trip, I found myself frustrated by the lack of follow through from a colleague. But rather than send an email in that frame of mind, I ‘reset,’ and responded in a better way."
– Robert